As a musician, my goal is to help others enjoy the Lord through song. I lead worship music either alone or with a team people of any and all skill levels, do solo work, and run a voice studio to teach others how to sing.

As a classically trained soprano, I bring a refreshing new sound to modern Christian worship music. With a repertoire of thousands of songs from early music to hymns to contemporary, I use a combination of voice and acoustic guitar to help others worship the Lord.


  • Soprano
  • Three octave range from C3 to C6 (C below middle C to high C)
  • Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance
  • Classically trained voice
  • Decades of performance experience
  • 8+ years experience leading Christian worship music
  • Acoustic guitarist
  • Bass player
  • Inspiring Message

When I do public speaking, I focus on bringing a message of comfort and hope to everyone who needs encouragement, and combine it with music. As a professional singer who lost my voice, I speak about the heartache of losing something so dear to me, the devastation when I learned I would “never sing again,” God’s miraculous healing, and the hard work and effort it took to learn to sing again. I encourage others through this story, and I sing.