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Are you a church, assisted living facility, nursing home, rural community center, or school?

You have options!

Sunday Services: Worship service plus speaking a message of Jesus Christ

Victoria leads worship with the congregation, and speaks during normal sermon time.

  • Contemporary Christian, hymns, or both
  • Working with your music team or as a solo leader

Short Message And Music: Victoria speaks before or after your church’s regular worship or sermon and sings.

Other Days Of The Week: Have a breakfast, ladies’ tea, or assembly scheduled and need a speaker?

Victoria can lead worship, speak, sing, and engage the audience. This is a great time to bring friends and those less familiar or comfortable with traditional church to hear a message of Christ.


How Do I Book Victoria?

It’s easy!

Setting up a guest speaker can be perceived as an extra workload when you are working so hard to meet the needs of your people. That’s why Victoria will work with you each step of the way to make things as easy as possible.

No Set Fees!

Victoria does not charge a set speaking fee. She wants people everywhere to have the opportunity to hear the Word of God and encourage them.

Having Victoria speak and provide music at an event is as easy as one, two, three.

Step One: Contact Victoria. It takes two minutes to fill out the form on this page. Or, call 734-819-8430.

Step Two: Suggest a preferred date. A representative will contact you to confirm a date with you.

Step Three: Sit back and enjoy. An experienced Project Manager will work with you on all the planning and details including materials to distribute regarding the event and coordinating needs for that day.